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For the last thirteen years, I have had the privilege of helping many people in need of emotional support. I want to hear your story.

Together with my masters degree in counseling psychology and excellent training from Southern California Counseling Center, I developed a strong foundation using Attachment Theory as a primary template however, depending upon the individual and their specific needs, my training is varied and am able to adapt to the needs of my client with a keen sense of competence.

My training and skills in bereavement and spiritual counseling have also provided a deepening sensitivity to my client population as well as counseling in school based programs, teaching Mommy And Me classes and facilitating support groups.

Life can get pretty prickly. Finding that place of "wholeness" or "one-ness" by reducing stress and anxiety, letting go of patterns that hold you back from reaching your goals, I believe you can live from a place of abundance rather than scarcity.  

I embrace my clients as they explore their lives and through this sacred work their self-awareness increases and their sense of self shifts into increased confidence, making healthier choices and feeling they are living a life that matters.

I am also sensitive to Post-Partum Support, Cancer Recovery Support, Parenting issues and Mindful Eldering.

Contact me if you are looking for support in these areas.

Every Journey Brings Blessings